Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Conference with the Famous Hamish Campbell

We (the extension group) had a wonderful conference with Hamish Campbell and his helper Diana-Grace. This is a photo  of us conferencing with Hamish Campbell in our Tusitala meeting room.

Hamish Campbell was talking to us about the earthquake that had happen in Fiorland at the bottom of New Zealand in the south Island .It was 30 seconds long.He was saying that earthquakes happen so fast that sometimes you can't even feel them. They have named a few earthquakes too. For example there is a earthquake called A Dusky Sound.

He was also telling us about the Earthquake that had happen in China (Tangshan) in 1976.It was 15 seconds long and 242,000 people had died.Some people were badly injured too. What happened was that the people were in their houses  and when the earthquake happened it made their houses collapse on them and they died.It was very sad to hear that.

Last term we talked to him and his helper too.We were talking about our theme which was Dino-Might. Well today it was very sad to hear what had happen to a very famous person who was a paleontologist.We heard that a lady called Jone Wiffen had past away. She was the first person in New Zealand to find the first fossil. Hamish Campbell went to her funeral and he was representing Te Papa.

I learnt how earthquakes happen. Earthquakes happen by the 2 plates hitting each other then they push against each other.The Australian plate slid underneath the Pacific plate. Sometimes the plates reverse's and the Australian plate ends up below the pacific plate. Auckland doesn't get Earthquakes because we are not on the outside of the island.If you are on the outside of the island you are more likely to have an earthquake. The plate boundary of earthquakes follow down the left side of the North island and cuts through then carries on the right side of the South island.

I want to say a huge thank you to Diana-Grace, Hamish Campbell and Te Papa Museum for making this conference a huge success. If someone asks me something about earthquakes I will tell them everything that you've taught me.

Here's a link to Joan Wiffen's website.

Here's link to Hamish Campbell's Website.