Friday, May 22, 2009

20 hr famine Sleep over night

This weekend some people at our school are having a sleep over because we are doing our famine .

Today the people who are doing the famine had to stop eating at 12:00pm because that's when our famine starts.We are only allowed to eat Barely Sugars and Just Juice. Our famine stops at 8:00am am in the morning on Saturday. Thats means that we have to wait until Saturday morning to eat.

When I got to school at 6:00pm me and my mum took my stuff into the libary. I was the 3rd person to arrive. Awhina and Vaha were already here. When I put my stuff down we went to the ICT centre and went on the internet(with permission) and played some games. More people were arriving not long after I arrived.

When Mrs Tele'a and her family arrived (including Justus) we all watched a movie about the famine and why we are doing this. We saw Matt and Dayna from Studio 2 on the movie too. They were the main people speaking. The movie was all about a little boy called Alamin from Bangladesh. They were talking about Alamin's life and how he lives to survive.

Later on we played a game called Pictionary. Mrs Tele'a gave us a subject and one person had to draw the picture and the other people in the group had to try and figure out what it was. It was a very cool game to play.

When the game was finished some of us watched a movie called The Night At The Museum. Some people were playing another game with Ray.

The following morning I had Mc Donalds when it was past 8:00am.I had some delicious pancakes.They were very yummy.