Friday, May 22, 2009

20 hr famine Sleep over night

This weekend some people at our school are having a sleep over because we are doing our famine .

Today the people who are doing the famine had to stop eating at 12:00pm because that's when our famine starts.We are only allowed to eat Barely Sugars and Just Juice. Our famine stops at 8:00am am in the morning on Saturday. Thats means that we have to wait until Saturday morning to eat.

When I got to school at 6:00pm me and my mum took my stuff into the libary. I was the 3rd person to arrive. Awhina and Vaha were already here. When I put my stuff down we went to the ICT centre and went on the internet(with permission) and played some games. More people were arriving not long after I arrived.

When Mrs Tele'a and her family arrived (including Justus) we all watched a movie about the famine and why we are doing this. We saw Matt and Dayna from Studio 2 on the movie too. They were the main people speaking. The movie was all about a little boy called Alamin from Bangladesh. They were talking about Alamin's life and how he lives to survive.

Later on we played a game called Pictionary. Mrs Tele'a gave us a subject and one person had to draw the picture and the other people in the group had to try and figure out what it was. It was a very cool game to play.

When the game was finished some of us watched a movie called The Night At The Museum. Some people were playing another game with Ray.

The following morning I had Mc Donalds when it was past 8:00am.I had some delicious pancakes.They were very yummy.

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Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi there Destiney. We did do a lot during our sleepover didn't we. It warms my heart to know that children like you are prepared to volunteer yourselves to support worthy fundraisers such as the 20 hour famine. The video we watched was sad in parts - but it was great to see that what we do here in NZ can help children who are in desperate need like Alamin.

Thanks again for the recipe you provided us with that was the base for our neat movie we made. I hope you get to share with your whanau the great time we had making and eating the boil up.

Keep up the good work Destiney!
Mrs Tele'a