Monday, November 10, 2008

Go For Green-Train Crows

This term we are studying "Go For Green".The extension group had an VC(Video Conference) with Joshua Klein who trains crows. He is trying to tell the humans that the Crows are useful.

On Ted Talks he was talking about him and his friend having a Cocktail party. There were Crows hanging around making a mess on his friend's lawn and he was wanting to ERADICATE them because he thought they were just being pest.

Then we watched another video. He was talking about Crows. We watched some other video's. We watched a video of Crows dropping their nuts on the road to crack them. They are very smart because they know where to drop them. They dropped them on the pedestrian crossing so that when the light is red and the people cross the road they can go and get their nut.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sports Rotation Games

"Yeah" Today the senior team had a sports rotation.There were four stations.The Trampoline,Parachute,Volley ball and King dodge.They were set out on the school court except for the trampoline.
I liked the trampoline because you can do flips on it.The High jump beam was behind the little trampoline.Rm15 B versed Rm16 A.I did a flip like a gymnastics person.Out of my team I thought Jacob was the best.Mrs Nua was the teacher who took the trampoline station.She also said that after the trampoline we could have a handstand competition.We all had a practise then we had the competition.Rm16 A won.Raven was he last one up.Jacob was the second one up.The trampoline reminded me of jumping on the trampoline at Totara Springs.
Then we went to Mr Palmer.He was the Parachute teacher.Mr Palmer tossed the coin and we got tails and we won.We chose to go under first.Rm 18 A had to be on the outside.The Parachute was big like a Elephant that was 200 pounds.The ball had to go on the top and we had to try and hit it off while we were sitting down.I think we won that game.
My best stations were the Trampoline and the Volley ball.I liked today's Sports rotation.

Monday, August 11, 2008


On Wednesday the 6th of August I had a delicious dinner.I went to Valentines.I went there because it was my dads birthday.He turned 35 years old.
My mum,my dad,my brother and my nephew and I went to go and have dinner.I had some hot chips,some raw fish and other stuff but I forgot.I wasn't really hungry so I didn't eat much but I ate most of it.After that I went to get some Dessert.I had ice cream,hot chocolate icing,some wall nuts and some sprinkles.I had three plates of dessert.It was very delicious.My mum brought four of these plastic cups.It had lights at the bottom.You can turn it on and off any time you want.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci had just finish her routine when the crowd went silent. A one flashed on the score board. It was actually a ten. The crowd started cheering.
Nadia Comaneci was born in Onesti in Romania and lived in a small apartment. She loved gymnastics. She and friend got chosen to try out for the Olympics. They won lots of medals. Three gold medals,One silver medal and one bronze medal. She score seven tens.
She trained for four hours and six days. She had strength and speed. She also had to eat the right food and watch out for her weight. She was very fit.She never complained about her routine. She was very confident.
It was very fun learning about Nadia Comaneci

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cross Country Practise

"Ow my legs are aching" I groaned. Every Monday to Friday we have Cross Country practise. It all depends on the weather.
When we leave to run I jog off then I sprint. I jog because if I sprint I will run out of energy. The senior school gets sent of by classes. When I jog people past me very fast but when I sprint I past them.
Usually I do two laps. By the time I get back I have aching legs because I've been running too fast. My heart beats very fast too.
We also have times.Our class left at 11:38 last week. I was jogging with Huia. So Huia and I had the same times. We did two laps.Our time for the 1st lap was 11:40 and 30 seconds. I sometimes sprint at the end.
My goal for Cross Country is to come 1st,2nd or 3rd place.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

WOW Mrs Squires are you Michal Jordan .
On the first day of school we had an Immersion Assembly for our topic "We Are the CHAMPIONS".All the teachers had to dress up as our topic.This is our topic because the Beijing Olympics and our cross country is coming up.
The funniest person out of team 1 was Mrs Wild .She was funny because she was trying to talk like a man.She also had a wig on.She was Tanga-Umana.Her wig was black.
The funniest person out of team 2 was Mrs Apted.She was funny because when Mrs Glaze told Mrs Apted to do some push ups Mrs Apted did them on her knees but she wasn't really doing them.Then they had to jog around the hall.
The funniest teacher out of team 3 was Mr Nevalagi.He was funny because he had a wig on and also a mastarsh.He had a humongous stomach.I think he had pillows underneath his t-shirt.Anyway Mr Nevalagi,Mrs Walters and Mrs Mackinlay had a race.Mrs Mackinlay and Mr Nevalagi had a problem.They kept on pushing each other so Mrs Walters won.
Immersion Assembly was very funny.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


As I walked through the door I saw Richard Pearse's 1st plane. It looked like junk because it had wires everywhere. I had a good look at it and he had used bicycle wheels but I thought that the plane didn't suit the bicycle wheels. It was really rusty and old. The wings were made of wood and they looked like monkey bars.
Pt England school were on a school trip at Motat on Thursday the 12th of June 2008 because we were studying Up UP and Away and it was the seniors turn to go to there. The reason why we went there was because we wanted to find out more about planes and Richard Pearse and Jean Batten.


The first things I heard and saw were a chukka chukka sound from the distance and a little black speck up in the sky.
When the helicopter landed in our school grounds it felt like a big tornado.The rotor was making it windier.It was like the wind was howling.I was feeling a bit cold.The helicopter made so much wind that our clothes were blowing around.Then I realised that it was a helicopter.
When the helicopter landed one of the pilots came out and spoke to us.He gave us a bit of information about the parts on the helicopter.It was a police helicopter.Under the helicopter was a little black shiny ball.It was a camera.At night when they turn it on they can see people white but the ground is black.Another thing they had was a night sun.They didn't have it with them though.The night sun was a big torch.It was as bright as 30 million candles.They also had two engines.They use them in case they break down.Then they can swap engines and fly down to ground.
When the helicopter was going it made a loud sound.It started of like a squeaking noise then a chukka chukka sound.It was so exciting.When they left the helicopter made heaps of wind.It was a bit like when they landed.I was freezing like ice.
It was so amazing when they left up in to the sky.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Power Hang Glider

"Tag" I touched Paris.We were playing tiggy on the field. Then I noticed a Power Hang Glider out on the reserve. I ran to see it.
When I got there the man was getting prepared. He clicked his helmet on then he pulled a rope and the rotor started. When he pulled a little rope he blew into a little tube as well. He held onto the sides of the Power Glider and started walking then he ran. Once he was in the air he put his feet into a harness.
In the air he was soaring across the sky. He did a couple of turns too. It looked like he was a big humungous eagle flying across the sky. His glider was orange and black.
He did some gliding then he flew across our school. He made a whosh sound. The propellor sounded like a motorbike engine and he looked like a big fly flying across the sky.
When he was going to land he was running in the sky until his feet touched the ground.It looked like he was going to hit the goal post.He flew down like a real bird.He swooped towards the ground.
That was so COOL to see a Power Hang Glider at our reserve.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Air Balloon

Wow it was so AMAZING to see a Hot Air Balloon come to Pt England School.
First of all Daryl spread the balloon out on the field then he got the fan and faced it towards the balloon.He turned on the fan and the balloon got bigger and bigger.The fan sounded like cold air blowing hard into the balloon.The balloon was like a huge circle.
They needed 4 people to hold on to the balloon in case it might fly away while they filled it.The 4 people were Tinei,Daniel,Jordan,and Darius.Daniel thought it felt like he was playing tug a war with a builder.They looked like they were pulling hard.They were very strong.
Inside the air balloon it looked like a pink tent room.It was such a huge room.It looked like a huge castle and a jumping castle.
After Daryl hoped in the basket he was pulling a handle and the fire came out into the balloon from 2 burners.The balloon was going higher.The fire sounded like the ocean.It made a whoosh sound.It sounded like the waves were crashing .The burners were heating up the air in the balloon.
The Hot Air Balloon floats it doesn't fly.Daryl couldn't float high because it was windy and to dangerous.The rope was tied onto the truck.Mr Brown was leaning on the basket and that's why it didn't float up much.When the balloon was in the air it was blocking the sun and it was shady.The balloon kept on floating in the sky then coming back down.Daryl had to put the burners on lots.(Heaps of fire)The basket kept on floating too.When they pulled the balloon down Daryl pulled a red rope and the top of the balloon opened and let the hot air came out and came down to the ground.
It was so COOL how the Hot Air Balloon got blown up.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Future Goal

In the future I would like to be a singer.
This goal is good for me because I really like it and I want to be better at singing.I chose this goal because I really like it.The singer I like is Chris Brown.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A few weeks ago we had a wonderful Camp. It was for the Yr 5 and yr 6 people. We slept in tents out on the school field. The hall was our Dining area. Our activities were rock climbing, kayaking, tenpin bowling, orienteering, going to Swimerama, a bush walk and camp cooking.

When we did rock climbing I felt nervous because I haven't done rock climbing before. The first rock climbing I did was one that went straight up. Then the second one I did was to climb up the House. The House was a bit hard because you had to put your leg around the roof and that was a bit tricky. The third one I did was an easier one because it had closer rocks for me to stand on. It was an ocean one and a sun one. When I got used to the House one it was getting easier and easier. They were all easy for me but I only did three walls. When I was starting my fourth one we were going so I only got half way then I had to come back down.

When we went kayaking I felt nervous too. Mr Burt showed us how to kayak. I didn't know how to kayak but now I do. Mr Burt and Mr Palmer put us into groups. I was the second group to go kayaking. I had heaps of fun. We went around this red thing out at sea.It was far out.

Camp was cool and exciting for me.

Monday, March 31, 2008


A few weeks ago we went for a FANTASTIC trip down to the Pt England Reserve.
All of Point England School walked down to Point England Reserve.We also had a picnic there too.Some teachers went down to the reserve on their cars.
We also played some COOL games.I played rugby,touch,helled and I played on the playground.We were suppose to have a picnic last year but it got cancelled off because of the rain.There was lots of games played.
We were allowed to have a swim if we wanted too.I didn't want a swim because i didn't feel like one.If you wanted to go for a swim you had to wait for you turn.Mr Burt Will call out your team number then you could go for a swim but if he didn't then you couldn't yet.Some of the adults had to be in a U in the water.They were in a U because they can protect the children in case they drown.Mr Burt did a handstand in the water.He did it for long.He could stay under the water for long.
There were singing too.Heaps of songs were played.Heaps of people were lining up to sing.They played one of my favourite songs.It was called With You by Chris Brown.That is such a cool song.I didn't want to sing though.
I felt very Excited and Happy.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Pt England Way

Hi my name is Destiney and I am a year five at Pt England School in Glen Innes. I am in Room 15 and my teacher's name is Ms Squires.
We have been learning about the Pt England Way. We have also been learning about caring for other people. Our symbol Captain Caring from the Pirates of the Caribbean.
There are lots of ways of caring. There are heaps of things you could do that show that you care for other people; you could be friends with other people and do something nice for someone.
We are also learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement between the Maori people and the queen. The treaty got signed in 1840. The treaty is important to our classroom because we are making our own treaty for our classroom. The treaty is also important to our history and country. The 3ps are Participation,Partnership,Protection. They are what makes up the treaty.
Our focus question is this term is “How can the 3ps help us to be happy, safe and successful.”
We have also been looking at setting goals for ourselves. My goal is to get better at my divison and timetables.