Monday, July 28, 2008

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

WOW Mrs Squires are you Michal Jordan .
On the first day of school we had an Immersion Assembly for our topic "We Are the CHAMPIONS".All the teachers had to dress up as our topic.This is our topic because the Beijing Olympics and our cross country is coming up.
The funniest person out of team 1 was Mrs Wild .She was funny because she was trying to talk like a man.She also had a wig on.She was Tanga-Umana.Her wig was black.
The funniest person out of team 2 was Mrs Apted.She was funny because when Mrs Glaze told Mrs Apted to do some push ups Mrs Apted did them on her knees but she wasn't really doing them.Then they had to jog around the hall.
The funniest teacher out of team 3 was Mr Nevalagi.He was funny because he had a wig on and also a mastarsh.He had a humongous stomach.I think he had pillows underneath his t-shirt.Anyway Mr Nevalagi,Mrs Walters and Mrs Mackinlay had a race.Mrs Mackinlay and Mr Nevalagi had a problem.They kept on pushing each other so Mrs Walters won.
Immersion Assembly was very funny.


paris said...

wow Destiney what a cool story about the Immersion Assembly that was so Interesting

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