Monday, August 4, 2008

Cross Country Practise

"Ow my legs are aching" I groaned. Every Monday to Friday we have Cross Country practise. It all depends on the weather.
When we leave to run I jog off then I sprint. I jog because if I sprint I will run out of energy. The senior school gets sent of by classes. When I jog people past me very fast but when I sprint I past them.
Usually I do two laps. By the time I get back I have aching legs because I've been running too fast. My heart beats very fast too.
We also have times.Our class left at 11:38 last week. I was jogging with Huia. So Huia and I had the same times. We did two laps.Our time for the 1st lap was 11:40 and 30 seconds. I sometimes sprint at the end.
My goal for Cross Country is to come 1st,2nd or 3rd place.

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Pt England Scribes said...

Hi Destiney, did you get a place? I never got to see the finishes. Anyway I'm hoping you did. You've alway been good at cross-country even when you were in year 3. I'll be out watching the interschool cross-country at lunch time on Wednesday. I think that's when they're on. :) Miss MacKinlay