Monday, May 31, 2010

Personal Shield Reflection

Today we had to fill out a reflection form about our Personal Shields we had done last term. We had a time limit for finishing this and I had finished it on time. So here I am going to explain what each section means and why I chose them.

Left Top: This represents my culture which is Maori and it also has my name written. I had cut my name out with magazine letters.

Left bottom: This part of my shield represents my hobbies. I like playing with the rugby ball, I like listening to music and I like watching t.v.

Right Top:This part represents where I come from and where I live. Obviously I come from Aotearoa.

Right Bottom: This part represents what I'd like to be in the future. I would like to be a Musician because I like music or I'd like to be a Flight attendant.

My overall comment was good because it had detail and the background was really good. I also finished it one time so that was good too. I would of changed my left top and added in more detail so that there wouldn't have been any gaps. So I would give this a 9.5 out of 10.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Fabulous Facts

We had to make an animation or 2 pictures of a volcano. We also had to have Five Fabulous Facts about Volcanoes because this term our focus is about Volcanoes. I chose 2 pictures.

This is my Five Facts:
1. Lava erupts from volcanoes and it is formed into Molten Rock.
2. There are 3 types of volcanoes which is Shield, Cinder Cone and Stratovolcano.
3. The biggest Volcano in N.Z is Mt Cook.
4. The maori name for Mt Wellington is Maungarei and it erupted 9000 years ago.
5. Mt Versuvius erupted in 79ad and covered Pompeii with hot ash and Lapilli.

Friday, May 21, 2010

We Finally win!

My heart pounding excitedly while waiting for our game to began. We had done a few exercises before our game.

Mrs Nua gave out our bibs and amazingly I got given GS. I was GS (goal Shoot) for our team. Usually I was given WD(wing defence) . I was so amazed and I quickly hopped into my place before the beep went off. The game had began.

April had started off with the ball and it got all the way to me. With my partner defending me I quickly got away and Leni passed the ball to me. Helen was free so I passed it to her. She scored and back to the centre the ball went. With Great defending Mauina got the ball. "Here,here!" I quickly passed it to Helen Tui,my heart was pounding and all of a sudden we got another score. "Wooo!" I said under my breath.

Everyone cheering on the side line were from our other team and school. They were supporting us like other teams should. They were supportive and encouraging for us on the courts. The ball headed back to the centre and the opposition team had the ball. They were very good and they played as a team. They pass the ball to each other and suddenly Maunia defends the ball. She passes it all the way back to our score and with my heart pounding we scored again.

The overall score was 13-10. We had won. We were so excited because this was our first win out of our 3 games so far. Every week our coach Mrs Nua gives out points to the best players. This week April got 3 pts, Mauina got 2 pts and I got 1 pt. I felt very proud of myself.

Here is a quick snippet of our Netball game.

Monday, May 17, 2010

First game of Netball

There are two Year 7 teams that play Netball.Our Ace team (Year 7's) played a very tough game last week down at Morrin Rd Netball Courts. We played Auckland and lost by 9 points. My position was the WD (Wing Defence). I found it tough in places and easy in some because this was my first time playing Netball. But in my team there were quite a few experienced people. Our player of the Day was April.

The overall score was 16-7. We lost but hopefully we'll win next week.

Our team called the Crew 2 also played Netball down at Morin Road. They played St Cuthberts School and came a draw. The scores were 8 all. Their game was quite challenging because both teams were very good at playing Netball. There were also quite a few experienced players in that team too. They played a good game and hopefully they'll win their game this week too. Their player of the day was Rachael