Thursday, June 19, 2008


As I walked through the door I saw Richard Pearse's 1st plane. It looked like junk because it had wires everywhere. I had a good look at it and he had used bicycle wheels but I thought that the plane didn't suit the bicycle wheels. It was really rusty and old. The wings were made of wood and they looked like monkey bars.
Pt England school were on a school trip at Motat on Thursday the 12th of June 2008 because we were studying Up UP and Away and it was the seniors turn to go to there. The reason why we went there was because we wanted to find out more about planes and Richard Pearse and Jean Batten.


The first things I heard and saw were a chukka chukka sound from the distance and a little black speck up in the sky.
When the helicopter landed in our school grounds it felt like a big tornado.The rotor was making it windier.It was like the wind was howling.I was feeling a bit cold.The helicopter made so much wind that our clothes were blowing around.Then I realised that it was a helicopter.
When the helicopter landed one of the pilots came out and spoke to us.He gave us a bit of information about the parts on the helicopter.It was a police helicopter.Under the helicopter was a little black shiny ball.It was a camera.At night when they turn it on they can see people white but the ground is black.Another thing they had was a night sun.They didn't have it with them though.The night sun was a big torch.It was as bright as 30 million candles.They also had two engines.They use them in case they break down.Then they can swap engines and fly down to ground.
When the helicopter was going it made a loud sound.It started of like a squeaking noise then a chukka chukka sound.It was so exciting.When they left the helicopter made heaps of wind.It was a bit like when they landed.I was freezing like ice.
It was so amazing when they left up in to the sky.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Power Hang Glider

"Tag" I touched Paris.We were playing tiggy on the field. Then I noticed a Power Hang Glider out on the reserve. I ran to see it.
When I got there the man was getting prepared. He clicked his helmet on then he pulled a rope and the rotor started. When he pulled a little rope he blew into a little tube as well. He held onto the sides of the Power Glider and started walking then he ran. Once he was in the air he put his feet into a harness.
In the air he was soaring across the sky. He did a couple of turns too. It looked like he was a big humungous eagle flying across the sky. His glider was orange and black.
He did some gliding then he flew across our school. He made a whosh sound. The propellor sounded like a motorbike engine and he looked like a big fly flying across the sky.
When he was going to land he was running in the sky until his feet touched the ground.It looked like he was going to hit the goal post.He flew down like a real bird.He swooped towards the ground.
That was so COOL to see a Power Hang Glider at our reserve.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Air Balloon

Wow it was so AMAZING to see a Hot Air Balloon come to Pt England School.
First of all Daryl spread the balloon out on the field then he got the fan and faced it towards the balloon.He turned on the fan and the balloon got bigger and bigger.The fan sounded like cold air blowing hard into the balloon.The balloon was like a huge circle.
They needed 4 people to hold on to the balloon in case it might fly away while they filled it.The 4 people were Tinei,Daniel,Jordan,and Darius.Daniel thought it felt like he was playing tug a war with a builder.They looked like they were pulling hard.They were very strong.
Inside the air balloon it looked like a pink tent room.It was such a huge room.It looked like a huge castle and a jumping castle.
After Daryl hoped in the basket he was pulling a handle and the fire came out into the balloon from 2 burners.The balloon was going higher.The fire sounded like the ocean.It made a whoosh sound.It sounded like the waves were crashing .The burners were heating up the air in the balloon.
The Hot Air Balloon floats it doesn't fly.Daryl couldn't float high because it was windy and to dangerous.The rope was tied onto the truck.Mr Brown was leaning on the basket and that's why it didn't float up much.When the balloon was in the air it was blocking the sun and it was shady.The balloon kept on floating in the sky then coming back down.Daryl had to put the burners on lots.(Heaps of fire)The basket kept on floating too.When they pulled the balloon down Daryl pulled a red rope and the top of the balloon opened and let the hot air came out and came down to the ground.
It was so COOL how the Hot Air Balloon got blown up.