Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Up Coming Event....

Hi! Im posting a post about an up coming event that is going to be happening in the first week of the holidays coming up.

Our Riverside club is going to Totara Springs again. Totara Springs is about 1 hour and a half away from Auckland. Totara Springs is in Matamata. It's a place where anyone from around New Zealand comes here for a holiday and does awesome things with a lot of other people.

There were only 50 spaces for boys and girls from the Riversideclub who could come. Luckily my friends and I brought our permission slip and 10 dollars to save our place in early. So we are so excited and cant wait to go there.

Well I will tell you guys how it went at Totara Springs next term.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blog Wordle

Today at the year 5/6 Extension group Mrs Burt was our teacher. Mrs Tele'a is our actual teacher but she is away. Mrs Burt taught us something new. She taught us how to use Wordle. Wordle is a site that puts all the words you use on your blog and puts them on a chart. The big letters mean you use them alot and the others mean you use them sometimes. The words I use a lot are People,earthquakes,Hamish,happened,called,Tele'a and Campbell.....
Take a look at my cool Wordle.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Conference with the Famous Hamish Campbell

We (the extension group) had a wonderful conference with Hamish Campbell and his helper Diana-Grace. This is a photo  of us conferencing with Hamish Campbell in our Tusitala meeting room.

Hamish Campbell was talking to us about the earthquake that had happen in Fiorland at the bottom of New Zealand in the south Island .It was 30 seconds long.He was saying that earthquakes happen so fast that sometimes you can't even feel them. They have named a few earthquakes too. For example there is a earthquake called A Dusky Sound.

He was also telling us about the Earthquake that had happen in China (Tangshan) in 1976.It was 15 seconds long and 242,000 people had died.Some people were badly injured too. What happened was that the people were in their houses  and when the earthquake happened it made their houses collapse on them and they died.It was very sad to hear that.

Last term we talked to him and his helper too.We were talking about our theme which was Dino-Might. Well today it was very sad to hear what had happen to a very famous person who was a paleontologist.We heard that a lady called Jone Wiffen had past away. She was the first person in New Zealand to find the first fossil. Hamish Campbell went to her funeral and he was representing Te Papa.

I learnt how earthquakes happen. Earthquakes happen by the 2 plates hitting each other then they push against each other.The Australian plate slid underneath the Pacific plate. Sometimes the plates reverse's and the Australian plate ends up below the pacific plate. Auckland doesn't get Earthquakes because we are not on the outside of the island.If you are on the outside of the island you are more likely to have an earthquake. The plate boundary of earthquakes follow down the left side of the North island and cuts through then carries on the right side of the South island.

I want to say a huge thank you to Diana-Grace, Hamish Campbell and Te Papa Museum for making this conference a huge success. If someone asks me something about earthquakes I will tell them everything that you've taught me.

Here's a link to Joan Wiffen's website.

Here's link to Hamish Campbell's Website.

Friday, May 22, 2009

20 hr famine Sleep over night

This weekend some people at our school are having a sleep over because we are doing our famine .

Today the people who are doing the famine had to stop eating at 12:00pm because that's when our famine starts.We are only allowed to eat Barely Sugars and Just Juice. Our famine stops at 8:00am am in the morning on Saturday. Thats means that we have to wait until Saturday morning to eat.

When I got to school at 6:00pm me and my mum took my stuff into the libary. I was the 3rd person to arrive. Awhina and Vaha were already here. When I put my stuff down we went to the ICT centre and went on the internet(with permission) and played some games. More people were arriving not long after I arrived.

When Mrs Tele'a and her family arrived (including Justus) we all watched a movie about the famine and why we are doing this. We saw Matt and Dayna from Studio 2 on the movie too. They were the main people speaking. The movie was all about a little boy called Alamin from Bangladesh. They were talking about Alamin's life and how he lives to survive.

Later on we played a game called Pictionary. Mrs Tele'a gave us a subject and one person had to draw the picture and the other people in the group had to try and figure out what it was. It was a very cool game to play.

When the game was finished some of us watched a movie called The Night At The Museum. Some people were playing another game with Ray.

The following morning I had Mc Donalds when it was past 8:00am.I had some delicious pancakes.They were very yummy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Extension Group Tasks

This term in the Extension Group we are studying about food.

First thing we did was a survey of every ones favourite meals and deserts. When we had our results we put them into a food pyramid. Most of the favourite meals that people liked were in the fatty section.So were the deserts.But some fell in the healthy section.

We are also in R.O.W Rock our World 10.They are also studying about food too.We had to write some recipes about certain stuff.First thing we had to write a recipe for was Appetizers which we haven't done yet.We started on Potatoes.I had finished typing up my potatoes recipe so I was on the next recipe which was Favourite food from your country/culture.We had to think about weather our recipes fell into the healthy section or the fatty section.

Then Mrs Tele'a put us into 3 or 2 pairs and gave us a local restaurant to look up on the Internet.I was partners with Bobbi-Grace.We had to find out where our restaurant came from and what the capital city was.Mrs Tele'a gave us KFC to look up.

Google Earth helped us with this too. All we needed to do was type in the FULL address of the city and where it came from.Bobbi and I haven't found out where it came from.That's what we still need to do.Anyway when we had found the city we had to try and find the restaurant.

When we had finished we had to do a track for Garage band.This had something to do with R.O.W.We had to do 30 minutes of Drums.We had to vote for the best track.It got sent of to Mexico.Moses track was voted the best because it sounded cool.So it got sent off.

Yesterday the year 6's had to sit in a circle with Mrs Tele'a and do a reflection on what we felt about Extension and we had to rate ourselves.There were three parts that you could choose about how you felt. There was Difficult,Comfortable or Easy.You could rate your self from 1-10.I felt Comfortable and I rated my self a 5 because some things are easy peasy and some aren't.
Well thanks for listening to my publishing.Thanks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soap Box Derby Race Day

It was a Sunday morning and we had our Soap Box Derby Race.It was held in Stone fields next to the Netball Courts.We had to race against 8 other schools. But there was some others there that weren't schools.The race all started at 9:30 am.

There was a Pit Crew team.The people in that team was Sela, Tanielu,Raven,Charm and I. The drivers were Cruz,Shontal,Tevita,Jacob and Nathaniel.Mauina was the only cheerleader that turned up. There were 4-5 cheerleaders that were boys but they never turned up.

Cruz was our first racer.He set of like a Cheetah.He was versing Sacred Heart school.They were coming a tie.We were waiting to see who won. Suddenly we heard over the loud speaker "That was a close race but Cruz just won".We were all happy.

When they brang our Derby back to our Pit Stop we weighed it for Shontal. She was our next racer.We took out some weights because she had to be 104 kg's or under. There were little weights and MASSIVE weights.We took out some little weights. When we had finished weighing we took the Derby into our Pit Stop. The Pit Crew did some polishing and we had a little rest.

When it was time for our next race we carried our Derby up to the start line.It was heavy for the boys because they had the back of the Derby.It had the MASSIVE weights at the back. Sela and I had the light side. When we were up at the start line we had to weigh it again. There were two weigh places. The one up next to the start line was the final check up. When we had finished weighing it we put it up on the ramp.

Shontal was ready to race.3,2 1 GO!said the man.Of Shontal went.It looked like a tie but when they were near the finish line they said we won.That was another win.It carried on until we had a fastest driver.

Jacob was our fastest driver so he was in the finals to see who was the best car that day.We versed Scared Heart again.At the end we lost.So they were the best car that day.We came runners up.So we won all our games except for one but we still made it to the semifinals in the north shore.

At the end of the day we had a prize giving.We got trophy's for the best PIT CREW,the best DESIGNED CAR,the FASTEST DRIVER and RUNNERS UP.

When I got home I was very EXHAUSTED!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camp Aratika

I was so excited because our school camp was tomorrow.It starts on Wednesday the 18th of March and finishes on Friday the 20th of March.It was held at our school.We slept in tents out on our field.
We were put into six different groups. The names of the groups were The Thinkers,The Participators,The Responsible,The Care Crew,The True Crew and the Honest Crew.I was in the Thinkers.Mrs King was our team teacher. Rachael and Henry were our team leaders.
First thing we did on Wednesday was Skating.We went to Skate land in Panmure. There were to types of skates to choose from.I chose the Blades because I was used to riding them. When I had finish putting on my Blades I went out onto the rink.Some people were holding onto the side because they didn't know how to ride them.Te Rangimaria and I were just riding around in circles.I reckon Te Rangimaria,Jacob and I were the most confident people riding roller blades because the rest kept on falling over.
We played a few games like Limbo,Bull Rush,Red light Green Light and Races.The girls had a race and I won.When the boys had there race Zane won because Jacob fell over just near the end.When we were playing Limbo it was hard because it went lower and lower.When it went low as I nearly made it but it fell down.I don't know who was the champion of that game.When we were playing Red light,Green light it was hard because when the man said Green light we had to try to get across to the other end.But when he said Red light we had to stop.It was hard stopping on Rollerblades.Some people were cheating.They were holding onto the side.Also when we were playing bull rush another man and I were in the middle.It was hard to get Jacob because he was a very fast skater.The rest were easy peasy.Except for Zane and Raven.They were sort of hard.
As our group were leaving the Skate land a man at the counter gave me a little prize.It was a little butterfly.
When we arrived back to school I was VERY EXHAUSTED!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Extension Summary

  Hi!I am in the Year 5 & 6 Extension Group. 
  Yesterday on Tuesday the 3rd of March we had to do a summary of the favourite meal and desert of the people in the Extension Group. Most of the meals people liked were not healthy. Burger King was the top one that people mostly liked. Sub Way was the second favourite. I think last was Roast.I cant remember but I think 9-11 people like unhealthy food. There were 5 people that  liked healthy food.We were suppose to write another summary about our results that we got but it was too late.

From Destiney and Bobbi-Grace 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


"WOW"Look at those big waves!
It was a sunny day and some of my family and I went to Devonport. To get to Devonport you have to take a ferry in the city.
When we got to the city we went straight to where the ferries were. We showed our tickets to the guard then we went through the gate. We went through for free because we had these tickets when you pay for it on the train, and you go everywhere for free. Like ferries, buses and trains. We waited for about 10 minutes then the ferry came. Loads of people came off. When it was clear we all went on board.

As soon as I got on I went straight up stairs. The wind was blowing gently. When I looked down I saw some humongous waves. They were crashing into the boat on the outside. There were a lot of bubbles in the waves too. Luckily there was a piece of wood blocking the waves because if there wasn't, the water would be splashing up on us. It took us about 5 to 10 minutes to get to Devonport.

When we finally got there we all got off. Other people went on. We walked through the mall. I saw an ice cream store. I really wanted one but I thought no, I shouldn't have one. When we were outside we saw some horses. They were used to go on rides. You had to pay 5 dollars for one person. We walked across the road to the shops. I brought me some lollies.
My cousin said "who wants hot chips?".We all said "me!".So she said "put one dollar in then". So we did. The hot chips were delicious. We had a little play on the park, then we went back to the city. We caught the train back to G.I.

When I got home I was very exhausted. I went straight to sleep. The End