Thursday, April 14, 2011

Term 1 Project!

This term, Room 21 had to do a project based on one of our 9 school values, which were Joy, Service, Honesty, Learning, Co-Operation. Respect, Responsibility, Hope and Caring. I did Honesty. It had to be a animation made on our Multimedia Computers with a Voice Over and had to be put on our blogs. I have chosen Honesty because it was simple and easy to do. This is my animation that I made about Honesty.

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Glee Cast Reflection!

This morning at our school assembly, we were entertained by the awesome 'Pt England Glee Cast'. They have been practising for the whole Term and finally they performed. They had 2 items they performed for us. One of their items were dedicated to the Teachers and Staff and the second performance was dedicated to us, the students.

My group and I have made a short movie sharing our reflections on what we liked about their performance. I also enjoyed how they included two of our school korero's which were Stop, Look and Listen and Stop, Think and Do. I think that they did a good job and they made Mr Burt and us very proud!

Hope you enjoy our movie, created by Tia, Ala and I.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

About my Friends?

Q:What do I like / dislike about my friends?

What I like about my friendship with my friends are that they are very caring and kind. But what I mostly like about my friends are that they always share with me. I have 4 best friends who are Sela, Kezia, Tia and Helen.

We are all multi- cultural friends. Kezia is Cook Island, Tia is Samoan, Helen is Samoan, Sela is Tongan and I am Maori. It doesn’t matter what culture we are, we still are friends. We all treat each other the way we would like to be treated and always look after each other.

We have all been been friends since we started at this school which was when we were five yrs old. Tia, Helen and Sela have been in the same classes all through their years here at Pt England. I met them when I was in Room 8. We have been in the same classes ever since then.