Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Riding on a real Loader!

I was bursting with excitement as my uncle was starting up his digger. "WOW!" It made such a huge noise.

My heart was pumping because I hadn't been on his diggers/Diggers in ages. We started to move slowly. My cousin and I were holding on tight making sure we weren't going to fall.

We made our way to a big truck which had a dozen logs stacked up. My uncle's job was to pick the logs up and stack them on top of each other.

"Brrrr!" The Loader roared as it picked up half of the load. I felt a lot of pressure as the Loader lifted the logs. It was very bumpy and we stacked them up really high.

My uncle had finally finished and on the way back we did a few rarkies and skids. It was a very cool experience.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Reflection on MI results

Today we had to do an MI test which was a test about our smarts or Multiple Intelligences and which one was our strengths and weakness. This is my results and what my strengths are and my weakness.

Obviously my strengths were Interpersonal(People smart) and Intrapersonal(Myself smart). My weakness is Kinaesthetic (Body smart) and Linguistic (Word smart). I think I need to improve in my Linguistic(word smart) and more. I can improve this by learning my words smart in my spare time and at home.

My goal for this term is to build up my Kinaesthetic (Body smart) and Linguistic (Word Smart).