Monday, March 29, 2010

The Pt England Way

This term we are focusing on the Pt England Way as well as the Korero's we get
given on Fridays. The Pt England Way means to Wear it with pride, obey
the school rules and be kind to others. Our koreo's are also part of the Pt England
Way too. One of our korero's are Stop, Look and Listen. Stop, Look and Listen
means that when the teacher says Stop, Look and Listen you Stop what your doing,
Look at the teacher and Listen to what she has to say. So Stop, Think and Do Pt England!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"Splash!" As I dropped into the tank full of cold water. Tamati got me out by throwing the ball at the target which was connected to the seat I was sitting on. "That was so much fun!" I said to myself. They got 3 people out of my team so we swapped over. It was now Team Spirit's turn to be sitting up on the seat. I threw a ball at the target and Splash, Tamati got Dunked. Out of the whole game I think I got 3 people Dunked. I reckon that Tamati had the best aim out of his team. There were two more activities but this activity was my Camp Kindness Highlight. Hopefully we get to do this activity again sometime. Thanks a lot Rock Up for organising this activity for us Year 7's.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Graphics at Tech!

This week we had Tech on the same week as we had Camp. But we still attended Tech though. I really liked this weeks session because we got to go on Tamaki College's new computers. Their keyboard was way smaller than ours.
Our teacher Miss Ferguson had told us about a new thing called Adobe Illustrator. I found it very cool because we got to play around with shapes and colours. This session was very fun. This is what I had done.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Group "Korero" Comic Life!

This term Mrs Nua had given us a project to do. We got put in groups of 5 and we had to take a picture of the "Korero's" we were given. Mrs Nua had given us one Korero and we had to choose 4 more. Each person in our group had to be in at least 2 photo's. The Korero's our group chose were Sop,Think & Do, Play sensible games, Bin It, Be nice to the Grass and Gardens, Play in the Right Places and Use Your W.I.T.S. These photo's were taken all around our school. The Korero Mrs Nua had given us was Use Your W.I.T.S. Take a look at our Comic Life!


For the last two weeks us Year Seven's have been going down to our local swimming pool to practice our swimming.
As we were swimming Mrs Nua watched us and gave us something that was wrong with our swimming to work on. I had to improve on my freestyle technique and work on blowing bubbles underwater.
This is a quick snippet of me swimming:

I am the one on the far left hand side.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trampoline Jump

I took a peep over the edge as I was about to jump off. I was scared because I hadn't done this before. I was really freaked out. I suddenly jumped. "Boing!" I bounced a few times on the trampoline. I landed safely. "That was cool!" I said to myself. So I did it a few more times.