Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Group "Korero" Comic Life!

This term Mrs Nua had given us a project to do. We got put in groups of 5 and we had to take a picture of the "Korero's" we were given. Mrs Nua had given us one Korero and we had to choose 4 more. Each person in our group had to be in at least 2 photo's. The Korero's our group chose were Sop,Think & Do, Play sensible games, Bin It, Be nice to the Grass and Gardens, Play in the Right Places and Use Your W.I.T.S. These photo's were taken all around our school. The Korero Mrs Nua had given us was Use Your W.I.T.S. Take a look at our Comic Life!


Room 20 said...

Hi Destiny this is a great post! This is some great work! Keep it up!

From Tanielu

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Glad to see this posted finally, it looks like your group worked really well together to complete this activity - remember that was the key!
Well done.
Mrs Nua