Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"Splash!" As I dropped into the tank full of cold water. Tamati got me out by throwing the ball at the target which was connected to the seat I was sitting on. "That was so much fun!" I said to myself. They got 3 people out of my team so we swapped over. It was now Team Spirit's turn to be sitting up on the seat. I threw a ball at the target and Splash, Tamati got Dunked. Out of the whole game I think I got 3 people Dunked. I reckon that Tamati had the best aim out of his team. There were two more activities but this activity was my Camp Kindness Highlight. Hopefully we get to do this activity again sometime. Thanks a lot Rock Up for organising this activity for us Year 7's.

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Room 20 said...

Hey destiney i like your that story about the dunker it was funny how tamati got you out