Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC!


Yay! When I walked in through the school gate, I could see all my friends bringing in their gear. That could only mean one thing...Our school camp! This year it was called Camp ‘Take Charge’! There were 6 groups which were The Responsiblez, Respectablez, Parrticipatorz, Motivatorz, The Thinkerz and The Carerz. My group was the Carerz. Each group had their own part of the hall where their gear was kept.

Our activities for the first day were Kayaking, building our tents, preparing the hangi and games taken by Mr Barks and Mr Harris. Our first activity was preparing the hangi with Ms Tito. We peeled potatoes and kumara which was then prepared for our hangi . Other food items included pumpkin, chicken and lamb. My favourite activity was kayaking because I had fun racing with my friends in the kayak and I enjoyed getting wet.

On the second day, our activities were the activities that Rock Up came with to our camp. There was Rock Climbing, The Dunker, Shuffle Boarding, Alligator Alley and Archery. We were all put into 15 groups and rotated around the activities challenging each other. I was in group number 5 and our first activity was the Dunker. We had to sit on a plank of wood above a tank of cold water. The other teams had to throw the tennis ball and hit a target to make us drop in. We got 16 points which made us come 2nd.
My favourite activity from Rock Up was the Dunker because I enjoyed getting wet and getting others wet as well !

On the last night we were lucky because we had a Concert night. Every group had to perform an item in front of everyone. All the groups got given a colour which they had to wear on the night. Our group ( The Carerz) were given the colour blue. We did a chant and some Jump Jam moves. Our song was ‘Blame it on the Boogie’. Overall we didn’t win a place in the top 3. Respectablez came 1st, Thinkerz came 2nd and The Responsiblez came 3rd.

I think that this was an extra special camp because this was the first ever year 7 and 8 camp and it was also our last ever camp at Pt England School.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake!

BREAKING NEWS! A few weeks ago on Tuesday, Christchurch had a HUGE Earthquake at 12:51pm. There had been a few reports on the news giving us the update on what has just happened. Christchurch is known to be the 2nd largest City in New Zealand. This Earthquake has said to be New Zealand’s worst earthquake since 1931. This Earthquake was measured 6.3 magnitude.
There were many buildings that have now been busted down like the Famous Cathedral Square and the Office and Work buildings. There were still people in these buildings as the earthquake occurred. Some are still trapped waiting for help from the rescuers. 48 people have been rescued with Bad Injuries but still more to come.There was debris left everywhere as well as left over pieces of busted buildings.

People were worried about their family members who have not yet arrived home. They were also left homeless from this accident. Schools down in Christchurch have been closed due to the earthquake, they will probably re-open when the ‘all clear’ is given.

This was one of the nations worst natural disasters, I pray that all those families who have lost their loved ones will be able to cope with their loss and I pray that Christchurch will be able to once again become the awesome and lovely place it once was.

Procedure: How to put up a Tent!


When a tent is put up correctly, It will stand strong and people can use it to sleep in.

- Pegs - tent
- Poles - bag
-Cover - Hammer
- String

1. First you have to make sure everything you need is in the bags.

2. Secondly you unpack everything and lay the base of the tent down. Then hammer the pegs on the edges of the base.

3. Connect all the poles together.

4. Clip the poles diagonally through the clips on the Tent.

5. Tie a knot on the top of the tent with the poles connected on.

6.Place the cover on top of the tent. Peg down the cover with a hammer if needed so that it wont fly away.

7. Last of all you zip the tent up so that nothing can get in.

That is how you put up a 3 Man tent if you are camping outside or sleeping outside.