Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camp Aratika

I was so excited because our school camp was tomorrow.It starts on Wednesday the 18th of March and finishes on Friday the 20th of March.It was held at our school.We slept in tents out on our field.
We were put into six different groups. The names of the groups were The Thinkers,The Participators,The Responsible,The Care Crew,The True Crew and the Honest Crew.I was in the Thinkers.Mrs King was our team teacher. Rachael and Henry were our team leaders.
First thing we did on Wednesday was Skating.We went to Skate land in Panmure. There were to types of skates to choose from.I chose the Blades because I was used to riding them. When I had finish putting on my Blades I went out onto the rink.Some people were holding onto the side because they didn't know how to ride them.Te Rangimaria and I were just riding around in circles.I reckon Te Rangimaria,Jacob and I were the most confident people riding roller blades because the rest kept on falling over.
We played a few games like Limbo,Bull Rush,Red light Green Light and Races.The girls had a race and I won.When the boys had there race Zane won because Jacob fell over just near the end.When we were playing Limbo it was hard because it went lower and lower.When it went low as I nearly made it but it fell down.I don't know who was the champion of that game.When we were playing Red light,Green light it was hard because when the man said Green light we had to try to get across to the other end.But when he said Red light we had to stop.It was hard stopping on Rollerblades.Some people were cheating.They were holding onto the side.Also when we were playing bull rush another man and I were in the middle.It was hard to get Jacob because he was a very fast skater.The rest were easy peasy.Except for Zane and Raven.They were sort of hard.
As our group were leaving the Skate land a man at the counter gave me a little prize.It was a little butterfly.
When we arrived back to school I was VERY EXHAUSTED!

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