Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soap Box Derby Race Day

It was a Sunday morning and we had our Soap Box Derby Race.It was held in Stone fields next to the Netball Courts.We had to race against 8 other schools. But there was some others there that weren't schools.The race all started at 9:30 am.

There was a Pit Crew team.The people in that team was Sela, Tanielu,Raven,Charm and I. The drivers were Cruz,Shontal,Tevita,Jacob and Nathaniel.Mauina was the only cheerleader that turned up. There were 4-5 cheerleaders that were boys but they never turned up.

Cruz was our first racer.He set of like a Cheetah.He was versing Sacred Heart school.They were coming a tie.We were waiting to see who won. Suddenly we heard over the loud speaker "That was a close race but Cruz just won".We were all happy.

When they brang our Derby back to our Pit Stop we weighed it for Shontal. She was our next racer.We took out some weights because she had to be 104 kg's or under. There were little weights and MASSIVE weights.We took out some little weights. When we had finished weighing we took the Derby into our Pit Stop. The Pit Crew did some polishing and we had a little rest.

When it was time for our next race we carried our Derby up to the start line.It was heavy for the boys because they had the back of the Derby.It had the MASSIVE weights at the back. Sela and I had the light side. When we were up at the start line we had to weigh it again. There were two weigh places. The one up next to the start line was the final check up. When we had finished weighing it we put it up on the ramp.

Shontal was ready to race.3,2 1 GO!said the man.Of Shontal went.It looked like a tie but when they were near the finish line they said we won.That was another win.It carried on until we had a fastest driver.

Jacob was our fastest driver so he was in the finals to see who was the best car that day.We versed Scared Heart again.At the end we lost.So they were the best car that day.We came runners up.So we won all our games except for one but we still made it to the semifinals in the north shore.

At the end of the day we had a prize giving.We got trophy's for the best PIT CREW,the best DESIGNED CAR,the FASTEST DRIVER and RUNNERS UP.

When I got home I was very EXHAUSTED!

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