Thursday, April 2, 2009

Extension Group Tasks

This term in the Extension Group we are studying about food.

First thing we did was a survey of every ones favourite meals and deserts. When we had our results we put them into a food pyramid. Most of the favourite meals that people liked were in the fatty section.So were the deserts.But some fell in the healthy section.

We are also in R.O.W Rock our World 10.They are also studying about food too.We had to write some recipes about certain stuff.First thing we had to write a recipe for was Appetizers which we haven't done yet.We started on Potatoes.I had finished typing up my potatoes recipe so I was on the next recipe which was Favourite food from your country/culture.We had to think about weather our recipes fell into the healthy section or the fatty section.

Then Mrs Tele'a put us into 3 or 2 pairs and gave us a local restaurant to look up on the Internet.I was partners with Bobbi-Grace.We had to find out where our restaurant came from and what the capital city was.Mrs Tele'a gave us KFC to look up.

Google Earth helped us with this too. All we needed to do was type in the FULL address of the city and where it came from.Bobbi and I haven't found out where it came from.That's what we still need to do.Anyway when we had found the city we had to try and find the restaurant.

When we had finished we had to do a track for Garage band.This had something to do with R.O.W.We had to do 30 minutes of Drums.We had to vote for the best track.It got sent of to Mexico.Moses track was voted the best because it sounded cool.So it got sent off.

Yesterday the year 6's had to sit in a circle with Mrs Tele'a and do a reflection on what we felt about Extension and we had to rate ourselves.There were three parts that you could choose about how you felt. There was Difficult,Comfortable or Easy.You could rate your self from 1-10.I felt Comfortable and I rated my self a 5 because some things are easy peasy and some aren't.
Well thanks for listening to my publishing.Thanks.

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Mrs Tele'a said...

Hello Destiney! I enjoyed reading your blog as it gave me a clear picture of what we have been up to in extension. It's great that you have been up to date with your recipes. Mrs Burt has helped us to get MacGourmet downloaded, it's a software that will make our recipes look fantastic. I know you and your peers will love using it after our school break.

I'm looking forward to your next post. You have written well. Keep it going.
Before I go - we could be chatting with children from Peru in our first week back! Exciting aye!!

Have a happy easter with your whanau.

Mrs Tele'a