Monday, June 16, 2008

Power Hang Glider

"Tag" I touched Paris.We were playing tiggy on the field. Then I noticed a Power Hang Glider out on the reserve. I ran to see it.
When I got there the man was getting prepared. He clicked his helmet on then he pulled a rope and the rotor started. When he pulled a little rope he blew into a little tube as well. He held onto the sides of the Power Glider and started walking then he ran. Once he was in the air he put his feet into a harness.
In the air he was soaring across the sky. He did a couple of turns too. It looked like he was a big humungous eagle flying across the sky. His glider was orange and black.
He did some gliding then he flew across our school. He made a whosh sound. The propellor sounded like a motorbike engine and he looked like a big fly flying across the sky.
When he was going to land he was running in the sky until his feet touched the ground.It looked like he was going to hit the goal post.He flew down like a real bird.He swooped towards the ground.
That was so COOL to see a Power Hang Glider at our reserve.

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Teinakura said...

what a cool blog destiny i enjoyed your power hang glider story