Monday, May 17, 2010

First game of Netball

There are two Year 7 teams that play Netball.Our Ace team (Year 7's) played a very tough game last week down at Morrin Rd Netball Courts. We played Auckland and lost by 9 points. My position was the WD (Wing Defence). I found it tough in places and easy in some because this was my first time playing Netball. But in my team there were quite a few experienced people. Our player of the Day was April.

The overall score was 16-7. We lost but hopefully we'll win next week.

Our team called the Crew 2 also played Netball down at Morin Road. They played St Cuthberts School and came a draw. The scores were 8 all. Their game was quite challenging because both teams were very good at playing Netball. There were also quite a few experienced players in that team too. They played a good game and hopefully they'll win their game this week too. Their player of the day was Rachael


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

This is an informative write up Destiney but I would have loved more detail. I was wondering how you were feeling before your very first game? And then what about afterwards? Have you set yourself a goal for the season? I am looking forward to seeing your confidence and skills grow throughout the season. Kia Kaha.
Mrs Nua

Manaiakalani said...

Good on you for taking up netball this year. It is great to see people writing up the matches for those of us who didn't get there to read. I hope tonights game was the win you were looking for :)
Mrs Burt