Friday, May 21, 2010

We Finally win!

My heart pounding excitedly while waiting for our game to began. We had done a few exercises before our game.

Mrs Nua gave out our bibs and amazingly I got given GS. I was GS (goal Shoot) for our team. Usually I was given WD(wing defence) . I was so amazed and I quickly hopped into my place before the beep went off. The game had began.

April had started off with the ball and it got all the way to me. With my partner defending me I quickly got away and Leni passed the ball to me. Helen was free so I passed it to her. She scored and back to the centre the ball went. With Great defending Mauina got the ball. "Here,here!" I quickly passed it to Helen Tui,my heart was pounding and all of a sudden we got another score. "Wooo!" I said under my breath.

Everyone cheering on the side line were from our other team and school. They were supporting us like other teams should. They were supportive and encouraging for us on the courts. The ball headed back to the centre and the opposition team had the ball. They were very good and they played as a team. They pass the ball to each other and suddenly Maunia defends the ball. She passes it all the way back to our score and with my heart pounding we scored again.

The overall score was 13-10. We had won. We were so excited because this was our first win out of our 3 games so far. Every week our coach Mrs Nua gives out points to the best players. This week April got 3 pts, Mauina got 2 pts and I got 1 pt. I felt very proud of myself.

Here is a quick snippet of our Netball game.

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