Monday, August 11, 2008


On Wednesday the 6th of August I had a delicious dinner.I went to Valentines.I went there because it was my dads birthday.He turned 35 years old.
My mum,my dad,my brother and my nephew and I went to go and have dinner.I had some hot chips,some raw fish and other stuff but I forgot.I wasn't really hungry so I didn't eat much but I ate most of it.After that I went to get some Dessert.I had ice cream,hot chocolate icing,some wall nuts and some sprinkles.I had three plates of dessert.It was very delicious.My mum brought four of these plastic cups.It had lights at the bottom.You can turn it on and off any time you want.


ETTA said...

nice up up and away movie.THATS RIGHT


Helen Tui said...

It's me Helen Tui you've got a great blog.I wish I could have some ice cream.Keep up the great work and maybe you can add some pictures.Neat movie by the way that's so cool I love your blog c u later.

From Helen Tui