Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sports Rotation Games

"Yeah" Today the senior team had a sports rotation.There were four stations.The Trampoline,Parachute,Volley ball and King dodge.They were set out on the school court except for the trampoline.
I liked the trampoline because you can do flips on it.The High jump beam was behind the little trampoline.Rm15 B versed Rm16 A.I did a flip like a gymnastics person.Out of my team I thought Jacob was the best.Mrs Nua was the teacher who took the trampoline station.She also said that after the trampoline we could have a handstand competition.We all had a practise then we had the competition.Rm16 A won.Raven was he last one up.Jacob was the second one up.The trampoline reminded me of jumping on the trampoline at Totara Springs.
Then we went to Mr Palmer.He was the Parachute teacher.Mr Palmer tossed the coin and we got tails and we won.We chose to go under first.Rm 18 A had to be on the outside.The Parachute was big like a Elephant that was 200 pounds.The ball had to go on the top and we had to try and hit it off while we were sitting down.I think we won that game.
My best stations were the Trampoline and the Volley ball.I liked today's Sports rotation.

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