Monday, November 10, 2008

Go For Green-Train Crows

This term we are studying "Go For Green".The extension group had an VC(Video Conference) with Joshua Klein who trains crows. He is trying to tell the humans that the Crows are useful.

On Ted Talks he was talking about him and his friend having a Cocktail party. There were Crows hanging around making a mess on his friend's lawn and he was wanting to ERADICATE them because he thought they were just being pest.

Then we watched another video. He was talking about Crows. We watched some other video's. We watched a video of Crows dropping their nuts on the road to crack them. They are very smart because they know where to drop them. They dropped them on the pedestrian crossing so that when the light is red and the people cross the road they can go and get their nut.


Manaiakalani said...

I was amazed at how smart crows are when I watched his TED Talk video too Destiney. Especially the incident you mention at the traffic lights. That shows real brains doesn't it!
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

wow destiney great story you got a few mistake's but it's so nice And what nice writing nice and interesting