Friday, March 28, 2008

The Pt England Way

Hi my name is Destiney and I am a year five at Pt England School in Glen Innes. I am in Room 15 and my teacher's name is Ms Squires.
We have been learning about the Pt England Way. We have also been learning about caring for other people. Our symbol Captain Caring from the Pirates of the Caribbean.
There are lots of ways of caring. There are heaps of things you could do that show that you care for other people; you could be friends with other people and do something nice for someone.
We are also learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement between the Maori people and the queen. The treaty got signed in 1840. The treaty is important to our classroom because we are making our own treaty for our classroom. The treaty is also important to our history and country. The 3ps are Participation,Partnership,Protection. They are what makes up the treaty.
Our focus question is this term is “How can the 3ps help us to be happy, safe and successful.”
We have also been looking at setting goals for ourselves. My goal is to get better at my divison and timetables.

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Hi Destiney,
You have made a great start to your blog. Keep it up it is looking good. Perhaps you could add your goal animations now.