Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A few weeks ago we had a wonderful Camp. It was for the Yr 5 and yr 6 people. We slept in tents out on the school field. The hall was our Dining area. Our activities were rock climbing, kayaking, tenpin bowling, orienteering, going to Swimerama, a bush walk and camp cooking.

When we did rock climbing I felt nervous because I haven't done rock climbing before. The first rock climbing I did was one that went straight up. Then the second one I did was to climb up the House. The House was a bit hard because you had to put your leg around the roof and that was a bit tricky. The third one I did was an easier one because it had closer rocks for me to stand on. It was an ocean one and a sun one. When I got used to the House one it was getting easier and easier. They were all easy for me but I only did three walls. When I was starting my fourth one we were going so I only got half way then I had to come back down.

When we went kayaking I felt nervous too. Mr Burt showed us how to kayak. I didn't know how to kayak but now I do. Mr Burt and Mr Palmer put us into groups. I was the second group to go kayaking. I had heaps of fun. We went around this red thing out at sea.It was far out.

Camp was cool and exciting for me.

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