Thursday, February 11, 2010

My First day of Intermidiate

Yes! School has finally started. "How would this year be now I am a year 7" I thought to my self. This was the first in history that Pt England went up to Year 7 & 8.

We had a assembly on the first day of School to see which class we would be in for 2010. Mr Burt said 'WELCOME BACK PT ENGLAND!" Hardly anyone replied because they were still tired from their holidays. He started calling the names and classes out.

Mr Burt started from the Year 7 classes then made his way down to the New Entrants. Room 20 was first. I heard him call my name so I left with excitement waiting to see who my teacher was. Mrs Nua hopped off her seat and walked towards us standing in our line. Mrs Nua was our teacher for 2010. We walked nicely back to our classroom.

We're Room 20 but for now our class is in Room 5 for now because our new classes haven't been built yet. Its still in Progress.

Thanks for reading my Writing.

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