Thursday, November 25, 2010

Athletic's Day!

“Thump!” as the Softball hit the ground. We all cheered for Helen Tui as she had won 1st place.

The hot beautiful day had began and our whole school was busy competing in our age groups to see who was going to be the Supreme Athletes of the school. This was an annual event which is held on our school field. We were all excited as we got told that we had a new event which was the Javelin.

Us (12 year old girls/ 11yr old) set off to our first event which was the Softball Throw. We headed towards the bottom field to get started. I was feeling nervous as I walked up to the line ready to throw. “Ahh!”, as I threw the ball. Sadly I had not won a place in the top 3. Helen Tui won 1st place, Mauina won 2nd place and Tracey won 3rd place.

My favourite event was Javelin because this was my first time doing this event, it was also the first time this event was being held at our school. We had to see how far we could throw a long pole with a pointy sharp end. The pointy bit had to land straight into the ground. This was very hard at first but then it got kind of easier. It was very close with the placing but Gabby had come out on the top with 1st place.

The last event of the day was our final relays. All of the leaders and teachers of our House Colours ( Takitimu -Yellow, Tainui -Blue, Mataatua - Green and Te Arawa - Red) had to pick the fastest 8 people to participate in the relays. I was racing for my house colour-Te Arawa. It was a race between everyone to see who the fastest House Colour was to finished. It was a very close race between all of us. Takitimu had come first, Tainui came 2nd, Mataatua came third and Te Arawa came fourth!

I really enjoyed Athletics this year. We had lots of events to participate in like The Softball Throw, Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Sprints and High jump. Now the Supreme Athletes move on to the Inter Zone Athletics. Hopefully they try their best and come out on top as the Best of the Best Athletes.

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