Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tamaki Tech Reflection!

Yesterday our Year 7 & 8's walked down to Tamaki for Tech this year. We were all seperated into groups which we have to stay in for the rest of the year. There were 3 Year 7 groups and 2 Year 8 groups. There were also 5 tech groups which were Food tech, Electronics, Science, Wood tech and Graphics. I was in the Year 8/B group and we were going to Graphics. Our teacher was Mrs Ferguson.

We arrived to our Graphics class and we took a seat. Mrs Ferguson had given out all of our stuff we needed. She had told us about what our project was and what we needed to do. We first started of with a brainstorm of what food we would like to sell at an event like Cross Country or Athletics. Some of us had drawn Ice Cream, Pizza, Burgers, Hot Chips, Hot Chocolate, Soup and Hot Dogs.

The second thing we did was drawn a circle with a compass and another circle in the middle and coloured the parts of it primary and secondary colours. We all got taught about Toning and how to make 3-D shapes look 3-D not flat. We drew a few 3-D shapes and coloured parts of it lightly, medium and hard.

I really enjoyed Graphics tech yesterday. I had heaps of fun and learn't a lot of stuff from Mrs Ferguson. Can't wait to go back next week. Hopefully I learn something new!


Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Destiney

What a great reflection! I could tell that you learnt a lot of new skills in graphics. Keep up the great posts.

Destiny said...

Hey Destiney
I love your writing.You have put in lots of interesting word in your writing

Andrea said...

Cool Destiny i cant wait until im a year 8 so i could do tech at Tamaki college to.